Hi, I’m Yazan Deek, affectionately known as Yaz. I’m a professional Web designer & Online Marketing Specialist. I started Telligent Clicks because I have a strong passion for building websites to help small business owners to grow their online presence.


A few years ago, I was working in a local coffee shop with a friend of mine who was starting her own small business, but she was struggling to figure out how to build a website; she didn’t even know where to start, there were too many options and unreliable resources. I felt her pain and understood her frustration. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and learned all the fundamentals of creating websites for small businesses and marketing them online. Fast-forward, My agency now provides the primary services needed to get your small business started and take it to the next level.


Since I started this business, I have helped small local companies to get leads for their products and services online. I’ve helped owners who have been in your shoes before, so my goal is to help you achieve your business goals online, whatever they may be, while you take care of the other aspects of your business. I have a large community and network to get advice and support whenever a problem or challenge arises.


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